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Welcome to the New Xclusively Yours!

- Written Travel Content for the Travel Agent

I decided to make BIG changes for 2022. They were scary for sure, but the decisions felt so right with my spirit.

  • I made changes to my website platform.

  • I made changes to the types of products I will offer going forward.

  • I made changes to my pricing structure.

Platform Changes

This was the easiest decision. I decided to change platforms after listening to your feedback. I'm pretty sure you'll love the changes as much as I do.

  • Blog titles are now separated by category. This should make it easier to find what you're looking for.

  • You can now add multiple products to your cart before checking out.

  • PayPal payments now accepted. Yay!

  • I added a blog, so I can show you HOW TO BLOG!! I'll even give examples using products from the store.

Changes to the Types of Products Offered

This was probably the most difficult decision. I'm a travel agent just like you, which means I try to do it all. But I had to have a long conversation with myself.

So, I said to myself.....


And myself said hmmmm.....

And from there, we (Me, myself, and I) decided to focus on written travel content going forward. This means no more social media graphics 😫

  • Writing is my one true love

  • There are so many great options for travel related social media graphics

  • Focusing on writing will allow me to focus on other types of written content. Get ready for travel guides, lead magnets, and email sequences. Coming Soon

Changes to the Pricing Structure.

There is now just one pricing plan, The Blogger Plan. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. You get two months free with the annual subscription.

And that's it. I hope you love the new site, freebies, and pricing structure as much as I do!

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Feb 19, 2022

Lovinit 💜


I’m excited about the changes - thank you! The content is helpful for me whether I’m planning a trip for myself or helping other with their much needed trips.


Unknown member
Feb 15, 2022

The site looks good

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