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Twenty-Five Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Travel Business

In my last few consultations to create custom lead magnets, I’ve heard the same thing over and over again.

Wait a Minute!

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet, also known as a freebie, opt-in offer, or a BRIBE, is something you offer potential clients in exchange for their email address. Usually, your potential client will land on your website and see an appealing offer for a free or significantly discounted download in exchange for their precious email address.

“I Don’t Know What to use as a Lead Magnet.”

Ok. Back to my thoughts…. In my last few consultations to create custom lead magnets, I’ve heard the same thing over and over again. I don't know what to use as a lead magnet. So, I thought I’d drop in quickly and help you brainstorm.

Here are 25 lead magnet ideas for your travel business.


1. Expand on a popular blog post.

2. Travel guides.


3. Printable travel games for kids.

4. A Destination Calendar highlighting what travelers need to know about destinations. Examples would be the rainy season, off-peak season, holidays, religious holidays, etc.

5. Printable vacation info to leave behind with a neighbor or friend.

6. Printable loyalty number organizer.


7. Video/screen recording of how to apply for a

a. Passport

b. Visa

c. Tsa pre-check or global entry

8. Video tutorial of how to pose on vacay

a. Solo travelers

b. With bestie

c. With the family

d. With a significant other

9. Pack with me video.


10. Ideas or Canva templates of travel- themed IG stories.

11. Video tutorial: How to recreate popular travel reels.


12. Waived or discounted consultation or planning fee in exchange for an email address.

13. Discount on a product in your e-commerce store in exchange for an email address.


14. List of reputable suppliers to book online.

15. A list of souvenir ideas.

16. Things you didn’t know you could bring on a cruise.

17. Ideas for custom travel t-shirt slogans, sayings, and quotes.

18. Fun Instagram cation ideas.

19. List Caribbean carnivals and music festivals with dates and website links.

20. List of vacation photographers by destination.


22. Email scripts for the organizer of a group trip.

23. Email scripts for the organizer of a destination wedding.

24. Canva templates of destination weddings or celebration travel invites.

25. Spreadsheet budgets.

Remember, emails are valuable and, people don’t want to just give them away. You will have to work for them by offering something useful and interesting to your audience.

“Call to Action Coming”

If you need help creating or brainstorming your next lead magnet, book an appointment and, let’s chat!

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Souvenir ideas make the experience super fun!

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