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Do You Recycle?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Did anyone else get a visit from Ray-CYCLE in elementary school? He used to come to my school and teach us the importance of recycling.

He had a green recycle costume and he would stand in the middle of the auditorium, and sing…

Re Re Re Re Re Recycle

Re Re Re Re Re Use it

Don’t don’t don’t trash it

Don’t don’t don’t don’t abuse it.

No… Was it just my school? OK.

Well, let me tell you; you missed out on the most epic elementary school dance party EVER!!!!

I mean, can you picture it? A room full of 5-10-year-olds laughing and dancing around a grown man dressed as actual garbage????

Yea, good times.


I was thinking of good ole Ray and how his song is relevant in my business and yours today.

Because let’s face it.. Travel is rebounding (Can I get an Amen!)

and as it does, you might just find that you’re too busy to continuously produce fresh content to keep your followers engaged. So what do you do?

When it comes to your content, think like Ray; recycle it and Re-use it!

Let me show you what I mean…

For the purpose of this blog, I’m going to use the free 10 Reasons to Visit Dubai article available on this website. (You do have it, right?)

  1. Blog

This one is obvious. Copy and paste it into your blog. If you want to tweak it or customize it first, go crazy. Then pick a few of the included pictures to make your blog shine and post!!

2. Newsletter

This is a similar premise, except this time, you’ll email this content to your list. Format your newsletter and include a “featured article” or “ Travel News” section and paste away.

In the customer journey of know, like, and trust, teaching your audience is a great way to build trust and have them see you as an expert.

3. Social Media Captions

This article includes ten reasons to visit Dubai. If my math is right, that’s ten social media captions. Use the included photos, or create graphics in canva, add your hashtags, and hit post.

Bonus #1 IG Stories

Drive more traffic to your blog or newsletter. Promote your blog/newsletter in your stories. Include a link to either and eventually lead your viewers away from social media onto your website. This is the ultimate goal.

Bonus #2 Lead Magnets

If you need a new lead magnet, the first place you should look is your blog or social media insights. Whichever article or post gained the most engagement, is the content you should use for your newest lead magnet. This data tells you what content interests your audience. In this case, take the travel article about Dubai, beef it up a bit and create an E-book. You can then offer it to new website visitors in exchange for their email addresses.

Bonus #3 Recycle Again

Remember you never ever reach 100% of your audience with one post or email. So don’t be afraid to re-use your content. Every six months or so, go back and look at what has resonated with your audience. Pick a fresh picture or graphic, update that caption, and Re Re Re Re Re Use it

And so after all these years the grown man, dressed as actual garbage continues to spread his wisdom. Go figure

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